Conveyancing Correspondent Work

Delivering Collaborative Legal Solutions

Conveyancing correspondent work is a way for law firms or attorneys to collaborate and leverage each other’s expertise and resources to provide their clients with comprehensive legal services, regardless of where they are located.

Conveyancing correspondent work includes a wide range of legal services, such as meeting clients to sign transfer documents, conducting legal research, drafting legal documents, or providing general legal advice. The purpose of correspondent work is usually to provide the client of the remote law firm with local representation, knowledge or resources.

Preparation & Registration at the Deeds Office

Transfer preparation involves drafting legal documents like sale agreements, deeds of transfer, and bond documents for ownership transfer, while registration at the Deeds Office records the transfer of ownership in the public record maintained by the office.

Related Deeds Office Searches & Enquiries

Related searches and enquiries refer to the due diligence process undertaken before the transfer of ownership. This could include searches to verify the ownership of the property, the existence of any encumbrances or restrictions, and the payment of any outstanding rates or taxes.